Transition to Prep School

Class Teachers in Key Stage 1 link with the Early Years teachers to ensure a full transition takes place. Pupils in Reception will spend time with their new teachers during transition mornings to help them prepare for Year 1 and the move into the main school. There are many aspects of the curriculum which form a natural link from Early Years learning styles, offering children many creative opportunities to learn both in and outside the classroom.

Every child’s progress is carefully tracked and monitored through the Tapestry online learning journal. Each parent has an individual login and can contribute to their child’s learning as well as monitor their progress remotely. We have extended the Tapestry system all the way to Year 8 resulting in every child having an online record of their progress throughout their OVS career. The children have a personalised ongoing tracking document called The Rainbow Tracker. This charts their progress throughout their time at OVS, containing data from their standardised scores collected at regular intervals through their school years.