Individual Curriculum

At the Old Vicarage School we recognise that each child is unique. We acknowledge that they will all have strengths and, at times, need support as part of their academic enrichment and enhancement.

Each class teacher will be aware of your child’s abilities, as well as the areas requiring support. During the week our teachers will assess attainment in each of the subject areas set. As they mark each piece of work this will guide their decisions for the following week’s learning.

The teacher may choose to reinforce, revisit or enrich particular subject areas depending on your child’s progress. They may feel that your child has grasped a particular concept and can move on.

With guidance and encouragement our bespoke system will also empower your child allowing them to determine when they will complete their work each week. Our system of self assessment in partnership with the Class Teacher provides children with a vital skill as they move on to secondary education.