Good Health

There are wide ranging and varying physical activities that the children can take part in each day in order to achieve good health and fitness.

We also encourage a healthy diet. It is seen as acceptable to enjoy the odd treat once in a while, but a healthy and balanced diet is encouraged. The food provided at lunchtimes is wholesome, ‘home-cooking’, prepared by our experienced school chefs. Over 96% of the weekly menu is freshly prepared each day using the best, local ingredients. We simply do not own a deep-fat fryer and never shall! A copy of a weekly menu is available in advance for parents and is displayed through the week on the notice board by the school kitchen. Sample menus and details of the provenance of the food prepared for the children are also available to view on the website.

Children are also encouraged to drink plenty of water throughout the day and are required to bring a water bottle into school each day to keep with them. Mid morning snacks are additionally encouraged in the form of fruit or vegetables and not processed foods or nuts.