School Council

The School Council is an elected body made up of children from each year group (except Nursery). The council discusses everyday issues, suggestions from classmates and ideas regarding life at OVS.

The children on the School Council, with the assistance of the a Class Teacher, canvas opinion from the children in their year group and submit requests to the Head of School. For example, the children requested some new play equipment for the grounds. A disco was arranged and this was purchased using the profits raised. The School Council can also take part in the interview process during staff recruitment.

The School Council also helps to decide which deserving charities are allocated funds from our annual grant with Foundation Derbyshire. An endowment fund was set up by Mr & Mrs Adshead and the School Social Committee in 2009. By creating this fund with the Foundation, OVS children can make a grant every year in perpetuity. It is a wonderful way to encourage charitable giving in our local community.